"Nobody steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it. The last person to do this disappeared. His name? Creed Bratton."

Bears, Beets, ...Beach? by dwangela

Rated: T • 11 Reviews10
Summary: For this year's team building event, Dunder Mifflin is heading to the beach for a three day extravaganza! (set during season 2)

The Transfer by missfand0m

Rated: K+ • 3 Reviews2
Summary: "How do I feel about transferring to Stamford? Uh, well, I think it will be a good change for me. I think it will really help me to, um, you know... I really don't know what it will help me do, but, uh, yeah. I'm transferring."

Everyone's thoughts about Jim transferring from Scranton to Stamford after the Season 2 finale.

Why did Andy know so much about the Sun? by sudoku

Rated: K • 0 Reviews
Summary: Talking heads trying to answer the question title. Who didn't wonder after watching "The Search Committee"? Of course, only the Nard Dog knew the real answer. Spoiler for up to "The Search Committee".

mcintosh, golden delicious, granny smith by bebitched

Rated: K+ • 5 Reviews4

Teacher!AU. Pam/Katy.

 When Pam started as the new art teacher, she could never have predicted this.

The 7 Most Interesting Couples In Northeastern Pennsylvania Paper Sales by standinginthedoorway

Rated: T • 5 Reviews2
Summary: Jim and Pam claim to be the 7th, so who are the top 6? Find out with these drabbles.

Five Things You Don't Know (or maybe you do) by live-love-laugh-FLOSS

Rated: T • 28 Reviews17
Summary: Everyone has secrets, stories, quirks, memories. Here are five.

A Man Does What He Must by zippity_zoppity

Rated: K+ • 10 Reviews2
Summary: “Have I ever steered you wrong, Jim?” Creed gives advice to the lovelorn. Set during Casino Night.

Talking Heads by Freckleface

Rated: K • 13 Reviews8
Summary: Some people have some things to say about the new office surprise. Spoilers for "Company Picnic."

Moving On by IThinkWeBrokeHisBrain

Rated: T • 21 Reviews12
Summary: Set in S3, Jim and Pam deal with their issues. Other perspectives also offered from various office-mates.

Wicked Jim by sachiel

Rated: M • 14 Reviews8
Summary: It's winter, it's snowing. That doesn't stop them from going to work, and it doesn't stop Jim from being a bad boy.

Six Years by carbondalien

Rated: K • 8 Reviews4
Summary: Andy carried a ring in his wallet for six years. Toby carried a picture of a Costa Rican beach in his wallet for six years. What have other characters been carrying around in their wallets/purses for six years?

Who Shot Michael Scott? by johngaltstrikes

Rated: T • 5 Reviews2
Summary: An ambitious, destined-to-be-controversial, not-for-everyone multi-part saga that explores the question: who shot Michael Scott? Michael Scott is the world's nicest jerk we all love -- except for someone! New installments at least once a week. Like the show, it's funny and serious.

Jack Frost Nipping at Your Heels by carbondalien

Rated: T • 28 Reviews13
Summary: The NEPA weather has inspired me once again: 10 inches of snow, 10 ways that 10 characters are dealing with it.

so this is christmas by EmilyHalpert

Rated: T • 11 Reviews8

It’s Christmas Eve (2007), and what are our favorite workers up to?


The Trip by Little Comment

Rated: T • 102 Reviews38
Summary: The branch scores a trip to Walt Disney World, thanks to an amazing deal by Michael (and a semi-plausible explanation by Little Comment!). Same office workers, new place...hijinx a-go-go.

10 Things I Hate About Scranton by WildBerryJam

Rated: T • 22 Reviews6

Not a literal translation, despite what the title suggests.

The revival of Movie Monday can only lead to misery—or at least, that’s what Pam believes—especially when Entourage is replaced with something a little more personal.

The Interview by ThatsNotLukePerry

Rated: T • 5 Reviews2
Summary: A young woman interviews for a newly created position at Dunder Mifflin and flirts with Jim. Meanwhile, Michael discovers MySpace and the staff participate in a "team-building exercise."

Welcome Aboard the USS Dunder Mifflin by flonkertonxx

Rated: T • 65 Reviews23

The Dunder Mifflin Company is vacationing on a Caribbean cruise. Jim and Pam are hoping for a romantic vacation but will Michael's outrageousness and some jealousy get in their way?

Takes place in Season 4 and is mostly focused on Jim/Pam.

The Ballad of Dunder Mifflin by jazzfan

Rated: K+ • 8 Reviews5
Summary: Oneshot in response to Strider's challenge "I'm not dead"

Things That Usually Never Happen (But Happen Tonight) by shoutoutout

Rated: K+ • 9 Reviews6
Summary: Kelly, Angela, Kevin, Andy, Michael, Creed, and Dwight all have their own firsts on the night of Toby's goodbye party. Spoilers for Goodbye, Toby.

Fantasy Football by Nightswept

Rated: T • 12 Reviews1
Summary: Eighth (and possibly final?) episode of my summer hiatus series. The entire office takes part in a high-stakes fantasy football contest, while the party planning committee puts together a going away party for Natalie.

New York City by Nightswept

Rated: T • 16 Reviews6
Summary: Seventh episode and follow-up to Management Training: Pam is featured in an art show at The Met, and Michael plans a field trip to the city that never sleeps for the employees at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

Management Training by Nightswept

Rated: T • 11 Reviews2
Summary: Well hello sixth episode! The employees at Dunder Mifflin are asked to shadow others to promote advancement within the company. Jim has fun when Dwight is forced to shadow him for the day. Angela fights back for her position as head of the party planning committee, and Andy is not his usual self at work.

Bonding by Nightswept

Rated: T • 16 Reviews2
Summary: The fifth episode of my summer hiatus series: Michael takes his entourage out for some "manly bonding" in celebration of Jim's recent engagement. The rest of the office try to keep themselves busy while the boss is away.

Kidnapping by Nightswept

Rated: T • 15 Reviews7
Summary: Ooh- I'm on my third episode already?? ;) Basically, this is a set of Office episodes that immediately follows Goodbye, Toby. Lots of humor (I hope), romance, conference room scenes, and good old fashioned Dwight pranks.