Pam Pong Round 4: The Alliance

Previous Round, Health Care: Jim and Pam display some playful banter and have an overall positive, if not remarkable, round, ending in a score of +3 Pam Pong Scorecard Episode 104: The Alliance Jim goes straight to Pam to work on pranking Dwight: +2 Pam agrees to help, coming up with the idea of having Dwight overhear “information” she tells Jim: +2 Jim’s crush slips out a little when he says, “she’s so great” to …

The Alliance: Episode 1.04

“The Alliance” Season 1 Episode 4 Air Date: April 12, 2005 Writer: Michael Schur Summary: A golden opportunity for Jim and Pam to prank Dwight arises when Dwight asks Jim to form an “alliance” to find out about downsizing rumors. Meanwhile, in order to boost moral, Michael puts together a surprise (and very early) birthday party for a co-worker.

Pam Pong Round 3: Health Care

Previous Round, Diversity Day: Thanks to diversity seminars there wasn’t much Jim and Pam interaction, and Jim was having an awful day until Pam fell asleep on his shoulder, leading Jim to conclude it was “not a bad day.” Final score: +8 Pam Pong Scorecard Episode 103: Health Care Jim starts the episode at Pam’s desk, talking about TV: +1 Pam takes a jab at Jim by saying she didn’t see the show Jim was …

Health Care: Episode 1.03

“Health Care” Season 1 Episode 3 Air Date: April 5, 2005 Writer: Paul Lieberstein Summary: Michael puts Dwight in charge of picking a new (read: striped down) health care plan; a responsibility that quickly goes to Dwight’s head. After that, Michael struggles to arrange a “surprise” to hopefully offset the staff’s disappointment about the reduced health care benefits.

Pam Pong Round 2: Diversity Day

Previous Round, The Pilot: Jim and Pam are obviously great work buddies, and there are clear hints of an attraction between the two. However, in addition to the obvious issue of Pam being engaged, Pam is quite intimidated by the newly arrived cameras, resulting in a final score of Zero. Pam Pong Scorecard Episode 102: Diversity Day A little flirting occurs when Pam talks to Jim about FreeCell: +2 Due to the seminars and Jim’s …

Diversity Day: Episode 1.02

“Diversity Day” Season 1 Episode 2 Air Date: March 29, 2005 Writer: B.J. Novak Summary: After the company sends a “sensitivity” trainer for a diversity seminar, Michael creates his own seminar complete with his special brand of insensitive sensitivity. Jim is constantly interrupted while trying to close his biggest sale of the year.

Pam Pong Round 1: The Pilot

Pam Pong is a supplementation to the episode recaps, listing the Jim/Pam actions of each episode and giving each action a point value. Mostly silly, shippy fun but also a little check list of JAM moments. Pam Pong Scorecard Episode 101: The Pilot Our very first interaction is Jim leaning on Pam desk, giggling and goofing on Angela’s cat party: +2 Pam perks up when she says in her talking head that Jim thinks her …

The Pilot: Episode 1.01

“The Pilot” Season 1 Episode 1 Air Date: March 24, 2005 Writer: Greg Daniels (original UK Office by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant) Summary: A documentary crew arrives at Dunder-Mifflin Paper Inc in Scranton, Pennsylvania to begin filming the misadventures of Michael Scott. Among Michael’s employ are Dwight the eternally loyal Assistant (to the) Regional Manager, Ryan the bewildered temp, Jim the bored salesman, and Pam the shy receptionist.