FunRaiser, Month of Fic Recs and More!

FunRaiser, emphasis on the FUN

This past July marked 12 years of MTT online, a feat that wouldn't be possible without the generosity of our members! Our annual FunRaiser is going on now to get the costs of the archive covered until next July, so if you have enjoyed MTT please consider contributing (we'll even send you a gift if you donate $10+)!

Full Details at our Blog

2018-19 FunRaiser Graphic

You get a Fic Rec, and you, and you!

As a lead up to our 12th birthday, we mods got together to bring you 31 days of fanfic recommendations. Covering a different topic every day, we made lists that hopefully went beyond the more popular stories and authors. We hope with these lists you get to discover some new favorites! Check it out at our blog:

MTT Presents: Month of Fic Recs

Month Digest Email

Whether you don't come around to the archive too often, or like getting handy lists delivered to your inbox, we invite you to sign up to our Monthly Fic Digest. On the first of every month, you will get an email with all the new and updated fics the previous month. You can sign up for this monthly digest (as well as other emails from MTT) on the Newsletter Sign-Up page

Challenges Challenge

Wanna write a story but stuck on ideas? That's what Challenges are good for! And if you answer one of the prompts we have specifically selected for the quarterly Challenges Challenge you will get a special banner on your story! Here are the new challenges for the 3rd quarter of 2018:

What we're working on

At MTT we're always working to bring you a better site and new fun content. At the moment we are working on: a Jim and Pam info page (feel free to look at what we have so far here), a writing contest for the fall, new site themes, better Favorite options and more! We always value your feedback and hearing what you'd like to see at MTT so please feel free to contact us !

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Spring Updates and Upcoming!

Hey MTTers! Today marks the anniversary of the airing of Casino Night, which is really the reason MTT even exists so feels like a good thing to acknowledge.


 (still the prettiest, saddest scene!)

We're just over a 3rd of the way into 2018 and so far it's been pretty great! The Most Recent section has had a nice steady flow of new stories, Our new Author Of The Month selection criteria is ensuring all sorts of authors are getting the acknowledgement they deserve and we have a great community feel going thanks to the shoutbox, social media accounts and our Tuesday Splitting Up Together chats (which we learned today will continue into the next TV season!)

New Challenges!

To keep the new stories flowing, we have a "Challenges Challenge" where every few months we feature some story prompts that will hopefully inspire. And we give a little banner to anyone who answers the challenge! This round we are featuring:

  • Hospital JAM: Put Jim or Pam in the hospital and get the hurt/comfort going!
  • Sister, Sister: Write a story where Penny Beesly or Larisa Halpert plays a central role.
  • Danny & Pam: It's a DAM thing! Write about Pam's ill-fated relationship with the handsome salesman.

Plus writers are encouraged to look at the past challenges as well and see if they inspire!

Speaking of Larisa Halpert...

Though we never did actually meet Larisa, she was and still a commonly recurring character in stories and she was technically confirmed in canon as Jim's sister so we decided it's high time for her to get her own character tag! You can add Larisa to your list of characters by editing your story and selecting her in the character field.

Pam and Jim's wedding site - Now on MTT!

At MTT part of our goal is to help preserve the fandom for new and old fans to enjoy. One little bit of fandom was Pam & Jim's wedding site, which was a fun little NBC promotion and sadly could only be found with the Wayback Machine - until now! We dug through the internet archive and brought as much of the content as we could to our blog, so if you're dying to know what fun stuff there is to do Niagara, Pam's wedding cost-saving tips or what Meredith said in their guestbook, check it out here: Pam & Jim's Wedding Site

Supporting MTT

While we are a couple months out from our hosting bill being due, we do welcome contributions any time to help us get a head start on next year's costs. You can find out more about how to contribute on our Donate page.

What we're working on

Here are just a few things in the works at MTT: a Jim/Pam info page (hopefully reducing your dunderpedia visits!), a month of fic recommendation, and another writing challenge for prizes! So make sure to stop by often (or sign up for our newsletter for email updates!)

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Author of the Month changes, March JAM Madness and more!

For the last year and a half or so we've been selecting an author of the month every month to showcase their stories. We have mostly focused on selecting authors who were less well-known and perhaps overlooked back in the day. However now that we are more active, we will be changing up who and how we select AOTMs. We are still going to follow the basic guideline of selecting authors with at least 5 stories, but we will now follow this basic pattern:

Month 1: a recently active author
Month 2: an all-time popular author
Month 3: a lesser known or over-looked author

and repeat! We also want readers input on who they think should be the next AOTm, which you can so via the contact form.

March JAM Madness

Just for fun we are running March JAM Madness at our instagram. We're pitting some of the top JAMtastic episodes against each other and seeing who earns the title of top JAMisode! Voting takes place via our story on instagram .

March JAM Madness

Newsletter Sign-up

Whether you are a member or not, you can sign up for our email newsletters ! You can also sign up for monthy fanfic digests to your inbox and for live chat reminders.

Challenges Challenge

There's still time take part in this quarter's challenges! We encourage you to write a Vegas story, a behind-the-scenes of Michael's movie Threat Level Midnight and many others! We also area always interesting in new ideas for challenges. Please click here for more info

And that about does it! Remember check out all these features and contact us with any problems or suggestions! 

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MTT By The Numbers in 2017

After spending the 2nd half of 2016 doing a lot of clean-up and rebuilding, the archive got to reap the rewards in 2017 with lots of new stories and a revitalized community! We saw our first writing contest, a new fun rating system in the form of jellybeans, new themes, a shoutbox and trivia chats, and social media accounts with several thousand followers! Here are some archive stats from 2017:

  • Over 1.5 millions hits! (30% more than 2016)
  • 120 new members (twice as many as 2016, and the most new members since 2010!)
    • 17 new authors
  • 845 reviews (4x as many as 2016, most reviews since 2011!)
  • 83 New & Updated stories (3.5x more than 2016, and most since 2011!)
    • 77 new stories and 6 updated stories
  • over 1,200 ePub downloads
  • over 690,000 words added!

And here are a few lists because we know you love them!

Stories with Most Hits in 2017 (archive wide)

  1. Expressions in Emoticons by NobleLandMermaid
  2. Turnabout's Fair Playby ficklevillain
  3. Words Left Unsaid by Rach3l
  4. Distance Learning by time4moxie
  5. Cold Openings by kgreene
  6. Office Porn: Erotic Tales of the Dunder Mifflin Employees by Ellelque*
  7. Nearing the Edgeby girl7
  8. Love, loyalty, friendship by Rach3l
  9. Tomorrow's Gonna Be a Brighter Day by Rach3l
  10. Anywhere But Here by NobleLandMermaid
  11. The Love Song of Squirrel McPants by time
  12. Only by girl7
  13. Why Albany in February is Like Paris in April by Mr Bill
  14. Inside the Teapotby sorano916
  15. Love Suffers Long by BringingTheJam
  16. I just wanted to be famous. by Stablergirl

* this is pretty much solely because of internet searches ;-)

2017 New and Updated stories with most hits

  1. Words Left Unsaid by Rach3l
  2. Love, loyalty, friendship Rach3l
  3. Tomorrow's Gonna Be a Brighter Day Rach3l
  4. Anywhere But Hereby NobleLandMermaid
  5. Love Suffers Long by BringingTheJam
  6. The Job (continued) and The Date by OfficeGirl2001
  7. The Modern Office Worker and the Delicate Art of Seduction by Candi
  8. Error Code by Comfect
  9. Trivial Pursuits by Comfect
  10. More Than a Day, More Than a Word by NobleLandMermaid

Most Downloaded ePubs in 2017

  • Indie Rock and Keds by Nightswept
  • Nearing the Edge by girl7
  • Distance Learning by time4moxie
  • Only by girl7
  • Indigo and Crimson by Deedldee
  • The Love Song of Squirrel McPants by time4moxie
  • Shift by thirtypercent
  • Two by yanana
  • Vocabulary by Talkative
  • The Accident by spaceorphan

Most words added in 2017

  1. Rach3l [281,817]
  2. Comfect [90,467]
  3. agian18 [60,826]
  4. caitlinrose923 [47,421]
  5. NobleLandMermaid [25,095]
  6. shutterbug [22,680]
  7. OfficeGirl2001 [19,244]
  8. msteapot [14,865]
  9. dwangela [12,742]
  10. BringingTheJam [12,672]

Top Reviewers of 2017

  1. BecauseOfYou
  2. alittlestitious2
  3. NobleLandMermaid
  4. Comfect
  5. Clover
  6. Moogie Man
  7. Too Late Kev
  8. nqllisi
  9. manidfk
  10. Rach3l

Top Jellybean givers of 2017

  1. Clover
  2. Comfect
  3. BecauseOfYou
  4. Rach3l
  5. NobleLandMermaid
  6. BringingTheJam
  7. Too Late Kev
  8. paperairplaine
  9. agian18
  10. watchthesky84

Thank you everyone who made 2017 a great year for MTT, let's aim to make 2018 even better!

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Will you take on the (Challenges) Challenge?

Happy Autumn everyone! This October, we are introducing a new feature: the Challenges Challenge!

How it works: Every 3 months we will introduce a handful of challenges, which are story prompts or themes. We'll have a combo of admin choices, an old challenge that went unanswered and maybe a Reader's challenge as well! Write a story for one of the challenges and your story will earn a little banner. But really this is just meant to be a way to keep writer's inspired and keep new stories coming! You can find more info and how to enter on this page: Challenges Challenge

Here are the challenges for Q4 2017:

  • Bad Date (JAM style): Jim and Pam have a terrible first date (but he still buys a ring a week later)
  • "Nice Morning, too" : What did Jim & Pam get up to that inspired the talking head at the start of S9E21 "Living The Dream" *wink wink*
  • Life In Austin: Write a story about Pam and Jim's life in the Texas capital
  • High School Reunion : write about any character's high school reunion

None of these getting your creative juices flowing? Send in your suggestions for challenges and we'll consider them for the next round!

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Favorites: now at least 30% more useful! (and other news)

If you've been on MTT for a while, you have probably accumulated a decent Favorites list. And you have probably been annoyed at the lack of versatility the favorites list offered especially when browsing.

Though we have a ways to go before we'll be truly happy with favorites, we have taken the first big step: you can now browse and filter your favorite stories. Like when you browse elsewhere on the site, you can select certain characters, genres, categories, etc and you can order by title, length, most recent, and more!

You will find links to this browseable list in your account and under the Browse menu. If you want to see your comments on a story or edit/remove from favorites, you still have to go through the old "Manage Favorite" option but we hope to get these streamlined into the browseable manage favorites list soon!

ETA: We have also improved the page after you save favorites so you can easily return to where you were browsing.

Additionally, we have added several new Top Lists to help you discover more fics on the site!

In other news: a sincere thank you to everyone who has contributed during our Hosting FunRaiser! We are only $10 from our goal to be completely covered for the year. There's still time to contribute and get us to our goal and get a headstart on next year!

Next, we know navigating the site is a little intimidating for newbie (and perhaps for older members also) so we are working on some quick guides (complete with photos) on things like tips for getting the most of our this site, explaining features, how to add images, etc. We want to hear from members what they think could use a visual quick guide. We also want to hear in general what you'd like to see on the site and what could use improvement, so please comment here or in an email send us your thoughts.

If you haven't checked out the shoutbox yet, we put it up for members to say hey and interact so please don't be shy: ask questions, share interesting Office tidbits, say hi to your fellow MTTers, whatever you'd like! (also we may try to organize a live chat soon, so please keep an eye on the shoutbox)

Not totally News, but just wanted to say: people have been utilizing the new jellybean feature which is great, we worked hard on it and want to see it used. That said, we want to emphasis that reviews are truly the fuel of fanfiction, they are the easiest and best way to show an author their work is being read and appreciated, they are absolutely free, and they are great little motivators for authors. Even if you don't feel like you have anything particularly interesting to say, we can tell you for a fact authors love getting (positive) reviews.

Thank you for reading and for being great members!

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It is our birthday.

 funraising! If you can believe it, July 9th marks MTT's 11th birthday! An all new MTT admin team took over last year with the goal of bringing the site up to date, adding some new features and get activity going again. And with new themes, the Download ePub feature, our Valentine's day contest, new social media accounts, and the just-launched jellybean system, we think 2016-17 was a success!

Of course, today being our birthday also means that MTT's annual hosting bill is due this month. So if you would like to give us something, you can give the awesome gift of a contribution to the site! A contribution of $10+ will earn you a small JAM gift, but every dollar is sincerely appreciated! You can read the full details of our annual funraiser here. FUNRAISER EXTENDED THROUGH AUGUST!

If you can't give monetarily but still want to make a contribution, you can do so by submitting new stories, leaving reviews and jellybeans, following and liking our social media, interacting with fellow fans, making recommendation to friends, etc. Anything to keep MTT the great place for PB&J and Office fans that it is is your gift to us every day!

Now onto our next year!

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Introducing Jellybeans!

For 11 years the archive has used star ratings. It's simple in theory, give a story a rating of 1 to 5 stars, but in practice it really hasn't been that useful. One author may feel 3 stars is a solid rating, another may feel it's an insult. One reader may reserve 5 stars for only their absolute favorites, another may give 5 stars to everything they review. One story may only have one 5-star rating, another may have 20, and they are listed the same.

So today we bid farewell to the star rating system and say hello to something we think will be more straight forward and useful: jellybeansjellybean icon! Much like a "like" or a "kudos", readers can leave a jellybean as a small token on stories they enjoyed.

After deciding to switch to jellybeans, the next conundrum of course was deciding how beans will be distributed. If a user is allowed to only leave one per story, the newer stories have no chance of catching up with older ones. If one per chapter is allowed then that puts one-shots and short stories at a disadvantage. Taking all this into consideration, we have decided that users can leave up to 5 jellybeans on a story. So if you like a story, give it a jellybean, if you really like it, give it a couple more, if you absolutely love it, take the time to give it 5!

Though we always want to encourage reviews, you can leave jellybeans without reviewing. You can click on the jellybean count of a story to see who has left jellybeans. Hopefully this goes without saying but there should be no fighting, begging or complaining about the jellybeans. It's meant to be a simple way for readers to give and writer to receive feedback.

We now return you to your reading, don't forget to start leaving those jellybeanjellybean icon!

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MTT Forum Relaunch!

In our recent survey, many members expressed a desire for way to interact with each other beyond reviews and such. Though we had set up a community of sorts on the blog the consensus seemed to be it was cumbersome and difficult to navigate. We agree as so we're heading a back to basics and relauching the MTT forums. They have a more traditional forum look but should be easier to get around and highly mobile friendly!

Right now, registration is by invite only and we prefer if you already registered here on the archives. If you'd like to join please let us know through the contact form or in an email to

If you are one of the couple dozen people who registered on the previous community you are already registered and your email/username and password for login should be the same!

If I'm registered on the archive, why do I have to register on the forum too?
They are two different software systems and sadly we don't have the technical know-how to link them. But you should be able to pick your name username and even same password if you'd like.

Come join us today!

mtt forum icon

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Beta Reader Program Relaunched!

We have officially rebooted our Beta Reader system at MTT!

You can read all about it on this page, but here is the general gist:

To become a beta:

To find a beta:

  • You can see who is listed as Beta Reader on the archive, click on profile, read their beta-reader form and see if anyone is a good fit for your story.
  • If they seem like a good fit, contact them via the “contact author” link on the MTT archive (or however they listed that they prefer to be contacted)
  • You can also state in the notes of your stories that you are looking for a beta, this will often attract reader who are willing to look things over.

Some Ground Rules for Betas and Authors

  • If you contact a beta reader for your story and they say (politely) that they cannot be your beta, accept it and move on, likewise for betas who reach out to authors that say no thanks.
  • Make it very clear what you expect from the beta process! The more details you share with each other before you start, the better the beta process will go.

That’s enough for now, as mentioned before, you can read the full beta page. Comments can be directed to the Find a Beta thread , through the contact form or in an email to

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Valentine's Day Writing Contest Winners!

Thank you once again to everyone who participated in our Valentine's Day Fanfic Writing Contest!

We had a great response both from writers and readers and now it's time to announce the winners!

Readers' Choice: Out of the Fog by Kat11
Moderators' Choice: Blue Valentine by shutterbug

stories/3186/images/VDayWinner-ReadersSm.jpg stories/3186/images/VDayWinner-modsSm.jpg

Every participant should have received an email detailing how to get their prizes (both for participating and for winning). If you did not, please email us at

Also thank you to the voters who left feedback! We have some ideas on how to improved future contest and what kind of events you would like to see!

--Admin Team on March 23, 2017 04:30 pm 3 Comments
Valentine's Day Contest: Voting Time!


~Thank you for your votes! Look for the formal announcement of the winners very shortly!~

Thanks all the writers who submitted to our first Valentine's Day Writing Contest, now it's time to decide a winner!

We have six entries which you can find here: Valentine's Day 2017. They're mostly pretty short so we request you read all the entries before making your decision. Once you have decided on your favorite, please vote here. Voting is open until Sunday March 19th, 11:59pm PDT

What to know before voting:

  • Make sure you are registered on the archive, votes from non-members will not be counted
  • Every member gets ONE vote, no double registering to cast multiple votes!
  • If you are one the writers, you may vote but no voting for yourself
  • The Readers and Mods choices will be announced the week of March 20th

Some additional things

* On the voting form, we ask you to match your favorite entries with it's simple story summary. The 6 stories are all pretty unique so if you read the story, you should know which is which. Vote that don't match the story with the correct summary won't count.

* The voting form has an optional contest feedback form, and we would really like to hear your thoughts on this contest and potential future contests!

* The Mods' Choice will be determined by MTTs three mods, and the Readers Choice and Mods choice will be different entries.

* We will be in contact with the authors via email about the participation gift and the prizes for the 2 winners.

* Any questions, concerns, comments can be directed to

Thank you and Happy Reading!

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Valentine's Day Writing Contest!

~Voting Open Until the end of March 19th, click hear for more info!~

Calling all writers!

This year MoreThanThat is holding a Valentine's Day writing competition. We are asking writers to submit their Valentine's Day related stories to MTT during the month of February. Then the first week of March, we will have a vote for the Reader's Choice and Moderator's Choice. In addition to internet praise and kudos, these two winners will also receive prizes for realsies!

What kind of stories can I enter?

  • Your story should be at least 500 words long.
  • Your story should be new and never published
  • Multi-chapter is ok but it needs to be completed by the morning of March 8th, 2017 (<-- new deadline!)
  • Any genre, rating and pairing is fine as long as the story is Valentine's Day themed. (though fair warning, we mods do love our JAM ;-) )
  • And all stories should adhere to the regular MTT submission guidelines.

How Do I Enter My Story?

  • If you don't already have an account on the MTT fanfic archive, sign up for one .
  • Log in, go to My Account > Add New Story and submit your story. We ask that you include your entry is for the 2017 Valentine's Day competition in the story summary to make sure it's categorized appropriately
  • If you are a new writer, your story will be held for a quick review to make sure formatting is okay, as long as there are no major issues you should see your story published shortly.
  • Once approved, a mod will add the entry to the Valentine's Day 2017 Challenge .

What do the winners and participants get?*

The two winners will receive:

  • One season of The Office on DVD (winner's choice of season)
  • A photographic print of the winner's choice from our mod Ladama's RedBubble shop .

In addition, all participants will get a Jim/Pam card or sticker of their choice featuring Ladama's work.

*MoreThanThat reserves the right to modify prizes depending on response and interest

Contest FAQs

How will the winners be selected?
– We will have two winners, a reader’s choice and a moderator’s choice. More details are forthcoming but the Reader’s choice will be decided by a vote from registered readers, while the mods will deliberate amongst themselves on their choice.

Can I win both the Reader’s Choice and the Moderator’s Choice?
– Two different stories by two different writers will be selected.

Can I submit more than one story?
– You certainly can, but know that we are asking people to select their favorite story, not favorite writer, so you may end up splitting your own vote. Also an author can only win one prize, they cannot win both the Reader’s and Mod’s choices.

I have an old story that fits this contest, can I submit that story?
– Stories should be new and never published to MTT or other fanfic sites.

My story is not quite 500 words long
– The 500 word minimum is more a guideline than a firm rule, what we most want from entries is for them to be well-written, so if they don’t clear the 500 word threshold, that’s okay, submit it anyway!

Do I have to share my address with you to receive prizes?
– Short answer is yes, winners will need to provide an address that Amazon and Redbubble can deliver to, and participants will need to provide an address we can send a USPS letter to. We will not save address or use it for anything besides sending prizes.

Will you be able to send prizes to my country?
– This contest is open to any writer anywhere in the world and we are prepared to send prizes to a variety of countries. But if we are unable or if shipping is cost-prohibitive we will work with winners to find an equivalent arrangement.

Other Questions?
- If you still have questions, please contact us via the contact form, the forum post , or emailing us at

Also you can help us our by helping us promote! Send your writer friends to and/or share this graphic on your social media!

--Admin Team on February 01, 2017 11:59 pm 1 Comments
December AotM and Holiday Theme!

Hello everyone! The Holidays are upon us and to commemorate we have changed our default theme to Teapot Holiday. This theme is a throwback to the the classic "Christmas Party" episode with the teal teapot of love (and Jim's secret card). It's a little funky on mobile, so you may want to go to a more familiar theme the skin change drop down is in the top below the menu or at the bottom.

Also, this months Author of the Month has a wide variety of fics for you to enjoy all month. PuffingNoise. You can click here for more info and all past AOTM.

Check out the main page soon for more Christmas themes posts including fic recs and a ranking of the Office Holiday episodes!

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November AotM and Nanowrimo!

It's a new month which means a new Author of the Month. November's AotM is Peskipiksi who has written 8 stories for MTT and returned after many years with a new story back in May! You can learn more about the Author of the Month series at our new message boards.

Also it's November which means Nanowrimo is underway! If you're taking part this year, come join us on the message boards ! You can also go to the Nano boards and talk Office or just say hey to other MTTers. One of our mods is *hoping* to write a JAM story for Nanowrimo and plans on posting their progress so make sure to check back soon!

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October AotM, Nanowrimo, and Other Updates

Happy October! We have a few fun updates and other things to announce just in time for spooky season!

Our October Author of the Month is Deedldee, who has written 21 stories for MTT. You can learn more about the Author of the Month series at our new message board.

For many writers, this month also means gearing up for Nanowrimo in November! If you are an MTTer taking part in the 30 day novel writing challenge, come post on the new forums and let's make a little MTT Nano group!

We are always striving to make improvements and add features to the archive. This month we have launched a Save as EPUB feature, which lets you save any story to your favorite eReader to be read whenever! We are also working on adding better ways to navigate the archive with some new Sort features. Now when you browse, you can order stories by word count, read count, review count and published date.

That's about it for our September report! Don't forget to leave reviews on any stories you like (writers love reviews!) or to check out our new forums .

--Admin Team on October 03, 2016 12:28 am 0 Comments
Announcing the Save As EPUB Feature!
We here at MoreThanThat are thrilled to be launching the new "Save As EPUB" feature for our members! You can now save any story on MoreThanThat as an EPUB document and read it any time on your favorite eReader device!

Just click the EPUB Icon epub icon on any story to download an EPUB eBook. You do need to be registered and logged in to download EPUBs, but we promise registration is quick and easy (twss).

You can read more about this new feature here , including detailed instructions for a wide variety of devices! Happy Reading!

--Admin Team on September 27, 2016 01:34 pm 2 Comments
Note About Spam Reviews

Hello MTTers! Many apologies if you received a review notification only to find a review full of links or nothing at all since it was deleted. A spam account registered in the middle of the night and got off a few dozen reviews before I was able to lock the account up.

We have taken many anti-spam measure including not allowing anonymous reviews, installing the anti-spam program Bad Behaviour and monitoring registrations as closely as we can. As a result this was our first mass-spammer in several months! Just a reminder, you can adjust your notification in your account settings. In the mean time I'm always looking for more, improved anti-spam measures as well as submitting requests and suggestions to the eFiction developers.

--Ladama on September 13, 2016 04:15 am 0 Comments
Announcing Author of the Month, New Community, and other Updates

Hello readers! It was another pretty busy month "behind-the-scenes" at MTT as we continue to work on getting everything updated and also adding some new features!

First off, we are launching an Author Of The Month series! Each month we admins will select an author to feature and hopefully get some attention to their stories.

The inaugural author of the month is: watchthesky84, who has written 8 Jim/Pam one shots, and each one is a great short read! You can read more about her and about this new series at our new message board.

Speaking of: Our main site got a massive overhaul, and we have a brand new message board with a new community behind it! You don't have to be registered to post replies on the message board, but if you do choose to register you'll have access to lots of fun features like setting up profile, friending other MTTers, personal messaging, and more. You do have to set up a new account even if you are registered here or at the old forums but we promise it's pretty painless!

ETA: We switched Forum systems since this post, you can find them here . Sign-up is by invite only, please message us via the Contact Us form or an email to

Some of the other things added last month:

We also have a big event in the works for October, stay tuned for more!

--Admin Team on September 01, 2016 05:19 pm 0 Comments
Penname Change option and New Night Theme

Introducing: the option to change your penname

Hey, we get it, "JimHalpertsSexyLover" seemed like a great penname when you registered but now you want to have something a little less fannish. Maybe you've used your penname lot of other places and now you want to separate your Office stuff from other online (or even offline) stuff, or you want to change so your online handles are more consistent. Whatever your reason, we are now offering the option to change your penname!

How to do it: It's highly preferred that you log in to the archive, then go to "contact us " and fill out the contact form to request your new penname, it's the best way for us to know it's actually you! An admin will change your penname on your stories and also change your penname on reviews for other stories you've written (these are two separate steps so it may take a little time, typically within 48 hours). Please note that we will only change your penname once (maaaaaaybe twice if you ask real nicely) so please choose your new penname carefully.

If you are having trouble logging in or no longer have access to the email address on your account, send an email to and we'll help you out.

Introducing: A New Night Theme

Currently all our theme options have a very light background, so we are introducing a "night mode" theme: 27Seconds. It featured a dark blue background, off-white text and a splash of color.

27Seconds theme preview

To change to this theme, select "27Seconds" from the drop down menu in the "Info" section or at the very bottom of the page. (And feedback is certainly appreciated on this theme!)

And a couple odds and ends:

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New Challenge

Challenges are a term for prompts or themes meant to inspire our writers. Writers should feel free to answer any of the challenges here, especially if no one has responded yet! First, you need to upload your story, once your story is uploaded, you can find the challenge you want to answer, hit "response to challenge" and select your story. We will be (very occasionally) posting new challenges that will be announced here.

Our newest challenge is: "Nice Morning, Too."
(because there needs to be stories about that first talking head in 9x21 "Living the Dream"!)

If you have any challenge ideas, please submit them to or if you're on the boards, post in this thread.

(Unrelated, but we want to hear from everyone in our Quick User Survey . Responses are anonymous, so please be honest!)

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Forum Update and FunRaiser!

Happy August everyone! We are happy to announce that the MTT Forum finally got a very-much-needed overhaul and now we're functional again! Sadly there's just too many spambots to reopen registration, but if you'd like to join us over there, please send your preferred username to us at and a mod can add you.

Also, we had many generous donors during our hosting fundraiser, and we thank you all very much! We not quite yet covered for the full year so the FunRaiser is being extended through August! Check out more details here!

And last, a friendly reminder to check out our new Bookshelf feature, we really think it's going to be a useful tool for readers!

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New Bookshelf Feature and other updates

It's been a big month for MTT, we end the month with two small updates and one big update!

First, to our writers: in My Account there is now a "Reviews Recieved" link where you can easily see how many reviews your stories have recieved and how many you have not responded to.

We have expanded the Top Lists from 10 to 25, so now you can see the 25 most read stories, most favorite authors etc.

Also we have introduced an exciting new feature: Bookshelf! You can read more about it here but in short it lets you save stories to a browsable list and will also show you the last time you read a story. There are many ways you can choose to utilize this feature, it's all up to you!

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New Default Theme!

The updates continue! We decided to roll out a new theme (or skin) for the archive here! Our goal with this theme was to create something responsive and mobile friendly. There are a few things we want to work out (like a mobile dropdown menu) but for the most part we think the theme is ready for the world! If you are nostalgic for one of the old themes, you can always swich back with the changer, located right above the "Story of the moment" box, and if you are a registered user you can set your default theme in your preferences.

We have a plan to have several different colored themes with a header image featuring a moment from each season! Color scheme suggestions as well as image suggestions are welcome! We also created a couple new pages located in the Welcome section, they are a new Writing resources page and a Troubleshooting/Update page. Anything that you would like to add to those pages, please email us at or sends us a message via the "Contact Us" option.

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Few Small Updates

Greetings! We're happy to announce a few small but hopefully fun updates to the fanfic archive.

First off, the archives been updated to the latest version of eFiction, there's not really any new and exciting changes with the next version but it is good to always be up to date. Also it's now officially easier to direct your friends to MTT! Just tell them to type in the address bar, no periods of hyphens, and they should end up at this very fanfic archive!

We turned on a feature in the archive where, when you click stories with multiple chapters, you are taken to the table of content rather than to the 1st chapter. Registered Members have the option of turning this off by going to "My Account" > "Edit Preferences".

And last, we finally bid farwell to all the extremely out-of-date instant messenger options and usher in a new era of the social media links in the profiles! Now in your bio you can include links to your Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and to your Fanfiction.Net and ArchiveOfOurOwn profiles, and of course the classic website and LiveJournal options are still around. Plus they now appear as stylish icons! Add your links by clicking "My Account" > "Edit Bio". (BTW, do NOT include "http://" for fields that ask for a URL). We figured these 5 new options will cover most needs but if there's a high demand for another social media service we can add that as well.

Here are new icons (the book is FFN! the @ is ao3 and the pencil is LJ)

Couple other odds and ends: we are also getting close to releasing a couple new skins that should be a nice update as well as more mobile friendly! The 10th Anniversary Survey is still open and awaiting responses, and we are very close to our FunRaising goal of being covered hosting wise for a whole year! That's about it for now, any and all questions, comments, etc can be directed to

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